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Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to stress about how I would pay for everything I need to pay.

I see my parents and how they have so many things to pay for and now recently they take care of my aunt with two disabled kids. I’m struggling to pay for all my bills yet I have no one to ask for money. My parents already struggle to make ends meet. It’s so hard when you see other’s lives filled with things you consider luxury. People tell you that you are amazing for really dealing with what you are handed and asking for nothing but sometimes I wish I could enjoy life more. I can’t ever be a normal teen. My life as a teen will end in a few days and to be honest I never felt like I enjoyed my teenage years. I was force to grow up and face the reality that I will have to provide for myself the luxuries I want and even then its hard to have luxury when I struggle to make ends meet with what is necessary. I know things could be far worst. Recently my friends have been going through a rough patch. One of my friend’s mother passed suddenly without life insurance and now my friend and her siblings are raising money for her funeral. I donated to their cause; I wish I could give more but even then I was giving money out of my already budgeted life. I know this money is going to a great cause and is helping those who are suffering. It makes my hard earned money feel like its being used for good instead of being used toward something I want not necessarily something I need. Then my other friend is suffering because her cousin is fighting for her life and is still in coma after 5 days at the hospital. I wish I could do more for them but I’m struggling myself to even provide for myself. How can I provide for others when I can barely provide for myself?



Our school has a shower on the second floor that’s meant for people who bike, but it’s used more frequently by arch students that have stayed over for too many nights in a row.

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Words can’t explain how awesome that is!

This is why the NCSU COD hasn’t done this for us. No one would leave

i truly must be a horrible person for laughing at this

i truly must be a horrible person for laughing at this

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World Cup 2014 - Stadiums

Good luck to both teams!

I can’t really decide who I’m rooting for…

Argentina is Brazil’s south american rival and Germany kicked Brazil’s ass in the semi finals.

So… go team!

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