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World Cup 2014 - Stadiums

Good luck to both teams!

I can’t really decide who I’m rooting for…

Argentina is Brazil’s south american rival and Germany kicked Brazil’s ass in the semi finals.

So… go team!

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Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I’m meek

People look at me and think I won’t stand up for myself when in reality I’m secretly laughing inside by how people poorly judge me. Sorry I’m not as loud as you, and I don’t have to complain about everything or repeat my sorrows to everyone and how I’m not naturally aggressive or appear not to be, but the fact is I know how to be aggressive in a smart way and I know when people want to play me or take advantage of me because I’m a great listener and observer. I will stand up for myself and I will take action. I’m just more civil about it.






NOMAD by Ian Lorne Kent

A sustainable micro home that costs less than $30,000.

The stairs are fantastic but you step on the counter???

Makes it easier to…mash things with your feet, I guess.
Wish these were affordable for those of us without much money, but with wonderful hats and muttonchops.

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